Friday, March 9, 2012

Rise Above Bakery (St. Catherines ONT)

(above photo courtesy of Rise Above site)

     Nestled somewhere 'twixt Niagara Falls and the wreckage of the tall ship off the QEW, a brave young man is listening to his spirit guide (Eagle? Wolf? Badger?) and going solo with his vision of making delectable vegan treats in a town not known for it's vegan options (like having any, at all)...
 ...Your host, Kyle Paton Esq. 

     Kyle is one of those rare kind of eccentric vegan punk kids (Jah Bless them) who gets grandiose notions in their head like we all do, but then somehow makes them actually happen in real life, against all odds. Kyle opened Rise Above in a tiny space off of a back alley in downtown St. Catherines a few years ago, hosting monthly dinners and honing his superb ability to make vegan donuts and desserts. And we're not talkin' about your vegan hippy-ass, sawdust-tastin', no-egg-replacer-usin', good for nothin' date squares...we're talkin 'bout some real down and dirty shit: Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, Brownies, Blondies, Chocolate Croissants, Cinnamon Buns and what is probably their most killer move (and Le Wife's fave) - chocolate or cherry cheesecake in a mason jar. And the donuts, as always, are killer.

 Ginger Balls approves this message!

     His new location is a full-sized restaurant with a complete menu. If you have the means and live in Southern Ontario, make the trip. If you are from further out and passing through  anywhere between  Buffalo and Toronto or east of it, look Rise Above up and call ahead so they know you're coming. It's seriously worth it. Is 'Scrumdiddleyicious' even a word? Well that's between you and your Spirit Guide. 


More info & contact: Rise Above Site
Check out their Sunday Brunches
Check out their Menu 

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