Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sheba Ethiopian (Toronto)

Sheba Ethiopian Cuisine (LINK)

(this post is especially for Ebro - Next time you are in T.O.!)

    Toronto has quite a few amazing Ethiopian restaurants that serve vegan dishes. M&B Yummy (exclusively vegan) and Addis Ababa, (both located in Parkdale) are killer. Ethiopian House (Yonge and Irwin) always gets great reviews although I've never eaten here personally and of course Sheba (on College just east of Bathurst). Sheba has a very warm atmosphere, friendly staff and usually play authentic Ethiopian music like Mulatu Astatke.

     My favourite things about Ethiopian food are the exotic, aromatic spices (berbere) and that you get to eat everything with your hands! Pictured below is the veggie combo with just a little of everything. The entire meal is served on a large plate for communal eating and each dish is placed on injera (a yeast risen flatbread that look like towels) which is served on the side and used to scoop up the veggies and beans. Here is a little description of what everything is. In the middle, salad with tomatoes, onions and oil and vinegar dressing. Starting at the top (by CC's hand) is Miser Wot (a spicy red lentil stew) one of my favourites. Next is Kik Wot (yellow split peas cooked in a red pepper sauce) and beside that is Kik Alicha (yellow split peas cooked with onions, ginger, garlic and tumeric). Then there is Gomen Wot (collard greens) and Tikel Gomen (cabbage and carrots). On the side to the left is Mama Shira, a mildly seasoned split chick pea stew.  - B

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