Meet The Bad Seeds

Vital Statistics: Live in Toronto with no children and Ginger Balls, the cat to end all cats. Listen to many loud records, go on as many road trips and adventures as possible. International mofos. Eat rad vegan food in strange places, and strange vegan food in rad places. Get wild, play backgammon (even on a work night...Fuck It!) Both went vegetarian seconds after seeing bleeding heart PETA videos at 16. 


Sign: Cancer
Work: Photography & Film, International Woman of Leisure (on extended hiatus)
Play: Lomographer, Aspiring Kilmeister, Tasseographer in Training, Boxer & Iron Core sympathizer, retired Gore Gore Rollergirl, textile stuff-maker
Guilty Pleasures: Hot Yoga / Cold Beers, Italian Horror, The Residents, All Things Whedon,
Vintage Kitchen Paraphernalia, Vintage & Toy Cameras, Folklore, Myths and Superstitions
Dream Date: Fenriz, Christopher Lee, Jim Jarmusch, Isabella Rossellini, Helen Mirren
Pet Peeves: dudes who don't measure or follow instructions, secret fish sauce in "vegan" food
Handicaps: sufferer of too many stomach ailments and knee injuries, stress collector
Crucial Foods: Vega, anise, cilantro, all things tomato, gnocchi, pizza, rosemary, rooibus
Vegan Since: 2005


Sign: Capricorn
Work: Independent Film & Culture, Live Music Production, Fart Expert, Touring Musician
Play: Loud music, Old Honda Twins, making old shit into other types of old shit, exotic beverages
Guilty Pleasures: Pretending he knows how to fix things, collector of culturally insensitive antiques, records (all)(everywhere)(ever made), Freemason and creepy religious shit, owns a Fez.
Dream Date: Delphine Seyrig, Michael Ironside circa Scanners
Pet Peeves: measuring, following instructions, false fruit juices, girls with hairy chests
Handicaps: Has "The Mental", collector of neuroses and sleepless nights
Crucial Foods: Tahini, Collards, Ginger, Brio Chinotto, Chocolate Tea
Vegan SXE Since: 1994