Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easy Cheesy Vegan Baked Potatoes

     Whenever we're in Birmingham Alabama on tour, our boys in Coliseum always take the gang to this late night place everybody loves called AL'S, and taunt me with elaborate and huuuge baked potatoes I can't eat, like THIS, which is only fair since my bandmates are pretty good sports about all the vegan spots I drag them to. So, here's my best vegan approximation of the steakhouse baked potatoes of my youth, and just to get jiggy we did one on a yam. Yeah, you heard me. You could do this to make potato skins exactly the same by cutting these into wedges or scooping some out to make more room for the cheese & sour cream like it was Super Bowl 1987 at The Keg. Health food, this is not. 

Thou Needst:

Potatoes (baking or Russet, or yams)
Earth Balance
Daiya (cheddar style)
Onion (or chives)
Garlic, salt & pepper
Simulated Bacon Bits (easy to find vegan) or Yves Veg Bacon
Tofutti or other vegan Sour Cream

     Cut the potatoes in half (or wedges) and start baking them, dice the onion and fry it till brown with some garlic while that's going down. If using the Yves bacon, fry it too, and cut it into little squares. When potatoes finish take them out, scoop some out if you're wild, and build em up in this order: Earth Balance, bacon bits, Daiya, onion, more bacon bits, garlic, salt & pepper.  Throw it back in the oven, just enough to melt the Daiya, basically toasting it all. Add SC to top and eat em while they're hot and bad for you.

BRONCOS: 20 (as above)
GIANTS: 39 (w/tofurkey sausage, salsa & mushrooms)
Who says vegans can't have heart attacks? -CC
Soundtrack: Head Machine - Orgasm (1969)

MVP: Title Track - Orgasm

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